The Black Swan
    • The Black Swan
    • Released in 2008
    • 36 Songs


    1Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To ThinkThe Triffids
    2American SailorsThe Triffids
    3Falling Over YouThe Triffids
    4Goodbye Little BoyThe Triffids
    5Bottle Of LoveThe Triffids
    6Go Home EddieThe Triffids
    7The Spinning Top SongThe Triffids
    8Butterflies Into WormsThe Triffids
    9Can't Help Falling In LoveThe Triffids
    10New Years GreetingThe Triffids
    11Good Fortune RoseThe Triffids
    12Shell Of The ManThe Triffids
    13One Mechanic TownThe Triffids
    14Jack's HoleThe Triffids
    15Black Eyed SusanThe Triffids
    16You Minus MeThe Triffids
    17The Clown PrinceThe Triffids
    18Fairytale LoveThe Triffids
    19How Could I Help But Love YouThe Triffids
    20Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To ThinkThe Triffids
    21American SailorsThe Triffids
    22Why Don't You Leave For Good This TimeThe Triffids
    23Bottle Of LoveThe Triffids
    24The Spinning Top SongThe Triffids
    25Butterflies Into WormsThe Triffids
    26New Years GreetingThe Triffids
    27Good Fortune RoseThe Triffids
    28One Mechanic TownThe Triffids
    29Jack's HoleThe Triffids
    30Black Eyed SusanThe Triffids
    31You Minus MeThe Triffids
    32The Clown PrinceThe Triffids
    33Fairytale LoveThe Triffids
    34(You've Got) A Funny Way Of Showing You Love MeThe Triffids
    35No More After YouThe Triffids
    36In The DarkThe Triffids

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