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1OvertureThe Who
1OverturePete Townshend
1Overture (Including Introduction)The Who
2It's A BoyThe Who
2It's A BoyPete Townshend
2It's A BoyThe Who
31921The Who
31921Pete Townshend
31921The Who
4Amazing JourneyThe Who
4Amazing JourneyPete Townshend
4Amazing JourneyThe Who
5SparksThe Who
5Dream OnePete Townshend
5SparksThe Who
6Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)The Who
6SparksPete Townshend
6The Hawker (Eyesight To The Blind)The Who
7ChristmasThe Who
7The Hawker (Eyesight To The Blind)Pete Townshend
7ChristmasThe Who
8Cousin KevinThe Who
8ChristmasPete Townshend
8The Acid QueenThe Who
9The Acid QueenThe Who
9The Acid QueenPete Townshend
9Pinball WizardThe Who
10UndertureThe Who
10Underture (Dream Two)Pete Townshend
10Do You Think It's Alright?The Who
11Do You Think It's Alright?The Who
11Do You Think It's Alright?Pete Townshend
11Fiddle AboutThe Who
12Fiddle AboutThe Who
12Pinball WizardPete Townshend
12Tommy, Can You Hear Me?The Who
13Pinball WizardThe Who
13There's A DoctorPete Townshend
13There's A DoctorThe Who
14There's A DoctorThe Who
14Go To The Mirror!Pete Townshend
14Go To The Mirror!The Who
15Go To The Mirror!The Who
15SuccessPete Townshend
15Smash The MirrorThe Who
16Tommy Can You Hear Me?The Who
16Tommy, Can You Hear Me?Pete Townshend
16Miracle CureThe Who
17Smash The MirrorThe Who
17Smash The MirrorPete Townshend
17Sally SimpsonThe Who
18SensationThe Who
18SensationPete Townshend
18I'm FreeThe Who
19Miracle CureThe Who
19Miracle CurePete Townshend
19Tommy's Holiday CampThe Who
20Sally SimpsonThe Who
20Sally SimpsonPete Townshend
20We're Not Gonna Take ItThe Who
21I'm FreeThe Who
21I'm FreePete Townshend
21See Me, Feel Me/ Listening To YouThe Who
22WelcomeThe Who
22WelcomePete Townshend
23Tommy's Holiday CampThe Who
23We're Not Gonna Take ItPete Townshend
24We're Not Gonna Take ItThe Who
24Trying To Get ThroughThe Who
25Young Man BluesThe Who

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