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Live! Hot Potatoes

Live! Hot Potatoes

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1OvertureThe Wiggles
2Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red CarThe Wiggles
3IntroThe Wiggles
4Rock-a-bye Your BearThe Wiggles
5Intro (Jeff's Asleep)The Wiggles
6Dom's ThemeThe Wiggles
7Intro (Jeff Falls Asleep Again)The Wiggles
8IntroThe Wiggles
9Lights Camera Action WigglesThe Wiggles
10IntroThe Wiggles
11Hoop-dee-doThe Wiggles
12IntroThe Wiggles
13D.o.r.o.t.h.y (My Favourite Dinosaur)The Wiggles
14IntroThe Wiggles
15Rolling Down The Sandhills/running UpThe Wiggles
16IntroThe Wiggles
17Can You Point Your Fingers & Do The TwistThe Wiggles
18IntroThe Wiggles
19Butterflies FlitThe Wiggles
20Network Wiggles NewsThe Wiggles
21Where's JeffThe Wiggles
22IntroThe Wiggles
23Play Your Guitar With MurrayThe Wiggles
24The Monkey DanceThe Wiggles
25IntroThe Wiggles
26We're Dancing With Wags The DogThe Wiggles
27Central Park New YorkThe Wiggles
28IntroThe Wiggles
29Here Come The ReindeerThe Wiggles
30IntroThe Wiggles
31Fruit SaladThe Wiggles
32IntroThe Wiggles
33Quack QuackThe Wiggles
34Eagle RockThe Wiggles
35IntroThe Wiggles
36I Wave My Arms & Swing My BatonThe Wiggles
37Hot PotatoThe Wiggles
38Christmas MedleyThe Wiggles
39FarewellThe Wiggles

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