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1Leather Britches (Live)Tim Lake
1My Old Kentucky Home (Live)Tim Lake
2I Can Play The Banjo/Chromatic Shuffle (Live)Tim Lake
2Light My Passageway/Cripple Creek (Live)Tim Lake
3Footprints In The Snow (Live)Tim Lake
3Only Eat When You're Hungry (Live)Tim Lake
4Clinch Mountain Backstep (Live)Tim Lake
4Temperance Reel/ Gerry Owen (Live)Tim Lake
5They Will Always Love You (Live)Tim Lake
5Nine Pound Hammer (Live)Tim Lake
6Blackberry Blossom (Live)Tim Lake
6Arkansas Traveler/Arch Form (Live)Tim Lake
7St. James Infirmary (Live)Tim Lake
7Sitting On Top Of The World (Live)Tim Lake
8A Russian Sailor Running From A Fight (Live)Tim Lake
8Red Haired Boy (Live)Tim Lake
9Lonesome Road Blues (Live)Tim Lake
9Stay Mad (Live)Tim Lake
10El Condor Pasa/Caravan (Live)Tim Lake
10Goldrush (Live)Tim Lake
11John Hardy (Live)Tim Lake
11Emily (Live)Tim Lake
12Mississippi Sawer /Soldiers Joy (Live)Tim Lake
12Waiting At The Alamo (Live)Tim Lake
13Sail For The Lord (Live)Tim Lake
13Glendale Train (Live)Tim Lake
14Morrison's Jig/ Flowers Of Edinburgh (Live)Tim Lake
14Grey Eagle (Live)Tim Lake
15Keep On The Sunny Side (Live)Tim Lake
15Sidh Beag Agus Sidh Mor (Live)Tim Lake
16Orange Blossom Special (Live)Tim Lake
17Amazing Grace (Live)Tim Lake
18Was It Something You Said? (Live)Tim Lake

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