What Is A Man (Instrumental)

What Is A Man (Instrumental)


A man can walk proudly,
Down in the street.
A man's not ashamed of what he believes.

He knows how to laugh,
He knows when to cry.
He knows how to live.
He's not afraid to die.

What is a man,
What is a man?

A man searches,
For the key to success.
He'd rather be sure,
Than take a wild guess.

He knows how to love,
He knows how to hate.
He knows when to move.
He knows just when to wait.

What is a man,
What is a man?

A man can be angry,
And still hold his tongue
A man don't give up
Till the battle is won.

He knows how to win,
He's not ashamed to lose.
He knows it's best to leave,
And he doesn't take long to choose.

What is a man,
What is a man?
Just what is a man?

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