In Other Words (Album Version)

In Other Words (Album Version)

Toby Keith

You've got my heart in unfamiliar territory
It's never been out here on my sleeve
But here tonight with you it's quite a different story
You bring out a side of me no one has ever seen

There's something I'm afraid to say to you too early
But I'd be a fool to wait too late
My mind is cautious but my heart is in a hurry
Which one's right, it's really hard to say

In other words
I can't put "I love you" in other words
When I look into your eyes
No other words can capture what I'm feeling
My heart tells my head some things can't be said
In other words
Better men than I have tried to find a better phrase
Still "I love you" has a ring I've never heard
In other words

What we've got here is a touching situation
You smile as if you've read my mind
A pair of "I love you's" gently ends this conversation
'Cause matters of the heart can't be defined


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