Greatest Classics: With A Twist
    • Greatest Classics: With A Twist
    • Released in 2006
    • 25 Songs


    1DriveTodd Rundgren
    1Reconstructed: Love Is The Answer (Fredco Mix)Todd Rundgren
    2Hello, It's MeTodd Rundgren
    2Reconstructed: Drive (Groove Mix)Todd Rundgren
    3Time HealsTodd Rundgren
    3Reconstructed: Something To Fall Back On (Jlab Mix)Todd Rundgren
    4Love Is The AnswerTodd Rundgren
    4Reconstructed: Hello It's Me (Interface Mix)Todd Rundgren
    5Reconstructed: Bang The Drum All Day (Rosetta Stone Mix)Todd Rundgren
    5Bang On The Drum All DayTodd Rundgren
    6Tiny DemonsTodd Rundgren
    6Reconstructed: Tiny Demons (Mission U.K. Mix)Todd Rundgren
    7Something To Fall Back OnTodd Rundgren
    7Reconstructed: Mated (Switchblade Symphony Mix)Todd Rundgren
    8CompassionTodd Rundgren
    8Reconstructed: A Dream Goes On Forever (Synical Mix)Todd Rundgren
    9MatedTodd Rundgren
    9Reconstructed: Time Heals (Decoding Jesus Mix)Todd Rundgren
    10A Dream Goes On ForeverTodd Rundgren
    10Reconstructed: Hello It's Me (!Tang-Pfoot Soul Dub Mix)Todd Rundgren
    11Reconstructed: Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song (Flow Mix)Todd Rundgren
    11Emperor Of The HighwayTodd Rundgren
    12Reconstructed: Secret Society (Astralasia Mix)Todd Rundgren
    13Reconstructed: Emperor Of The Highway (Spahn Ranch Mix)Todd Rundgren
    14Reconstructed: Bang The Drum All Day (Skip Heller y Sus Orquestra Sin Pagar)Todd Rundgren

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