Todd Snider

Won't work this morning
I can't punch in
There's too many questions
Under my skin

My back is achin'
I'm so confused
I can't help feeling like
I'm being used

I did like they told me
I settled down
Now I'm going crazy
Workin' down town

What do I do here
Why do I stay
Who are all these people
I check in with every day

I need room to think this over
I need a ride out to Horseshoe Lake
I wanna feel like it makes a difference
What difference one man makes

They say that one man makes the money
One man makes the time
I need time to think this over
I've got to make up my own mind

I don't need a psychic
I don't need a shrink
I need time away from all of this
I need a drink

How did I get here
Where will I go
Why am I so haunted
By anything that I don't know

Published by BUG MUSIC

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