Tom T. Hall - Storyteller, Poet, Philosopher
    • Tom T. Hall - Storyteller, Poet, Philosopher
    • Released in 1995
    • 50 Songs


    1Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon WineTom T. Hall
    1Shoeshine ManTom T. Hall
    2Magnificent Music MachineTom T. Hall
    2Flat-Footin' ItTom T. Hall
    3A Million Miles To The CityTom T. Hall
    3Old Five And Dimers Like MeTom T. Hall
    4I Washed My Face In The Morning DewTom T. Hall
    4Willy The Wandering Gypsy And MeTom T. Hall
    5The HitchhikerTom T. Hall
    5More About John HenryTom T. Hall
    6Ballad Of Forty DollarsTom T. Hall
    6Give Her My BestTom T. Hall
    7I Hope It Rains At My FuneralTom T. Hall
    7Pamela BrownTom T. Hall
    8Turn It On, Turn It On, Turn It OnTom T. Hall
    8I Flew Over Our House Last NightTom T. Hall
    9Strawberry FarmsTom T. Hall
    9Molly And TenbrooksTom T. Hall
    10Watergate BluesTom T. Hall
    10The Monkey That Became PresidentTom T. Hall
    11I Want To See The ParadeTom T. Hall
    11That's How I Got To MemphisTom T. Hall
    12100 ChildrenTom T. Hall
    12Mama's Got The Catfish BluesTom T. Hall
    13The Year That Clayton Delaney DiedTom T. Hall
    13I Like BeerTom T. Hall
    14The Son Of Clayton DelaneyTom T. Hall
    14Day Drinkin'Tom T. Hall
    15The Old Side Of TownTom T. Hall
    15That Song Is Driving Me CrazyTom T. Hall
    16I Can't DanceTom T. Hall
    16Salute To A SwitchbladeTom T. Hall
    17Last Of The DriftersJohnny Cash
    17Margie's At The Lincoln Park InnTom T. Hall
    18Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken)Tom T. Hall
    18Subdivision BluesTom T. Hall
    19A Week In A Country JailTom T. Hall
    19America The UglyTom T. Hall
    20Spokane Motel BluesTom T. Hall
    20Hang Them All (Get The Guilty)Tom T. Hall
    21HomecomingTom T. Hall
    21Levi JonesTom T. Hall
    22Ravishing RubyTom T. Hall
    22Faster Horses (The Cowboy And The Poet)Tom T. Hall
    23Hello, We're LonelyTom T. Hall
    23I'm Forty NowTom T. Hall
    24Down At The MallTom T. Hall
    24DealTom T. Hall
    25Fox On The RunTom T. Hall
    25Me And JesusTom T. Hall

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