Tommy Keene You Hear Me: A Retrospective 1983-2009
    • Tommy Keene You Hear Me: A Retrospective 1983-2009
    • Released in 2010
    • 41 Songs


    1Back to Zero NowTommy Keene
    1Love is a Dangerous ThingTommy Keene
    2Driving Into The SunTommy Keene
    2Mr. RolandTommy Keene
    3Down, Down, DownTommy Keene
    3Baby FaceTommy Keene
    4No One in This CityTommy Keene
    4Back AgainTommy Keene
    5Turning on BlueTommy Keene
    5Safe in the LightTommy Keene
    6Your Heart Beats AloneTommy Keene
    6Gold TownTommy Keene
    7Places That Are GoneTommy Keene
    7Silent TownTommy Keene
    8Paper Words and LiesTommy Keene
    8Good Thing GoingTommy Keene
    9Kill Your SonsTommy Keene
    9CompromiseTommy Keene
    10Long Time MissingTommy Keene
    10Call On MeTommy Keene
    11The World OutsideTommy Keene
    11My Mother Looked Like Marilyn MonroeTommy Keene
    12UnderworldTommy Keene
    12Never Really Been GoneTommy Keene
    13Big Blue SkyTommy Keene
    13AstronomyTommy Keene
    14Run NowTommy Keene
    14Black and White New YorkTommy Keene
    15Nothing Can Change YouTommy Keene
    15Warren in The 60'sTommy Keene
    16Lives Become LiesTommy Keene
    16This Could Be FictionTommy Keene
    17A Secret Life of StoriesTommy Keene
    17Based on Happy TimesTommy Keene
    18Save This HarmonyTommy Keene
    18When Our Vows BreakTommy Keene
    19Tomorrow's Gone TonightTommy Keene
    19Highwire DaysTommy Keene
    20Don't Sleep in the Daytime (Unreleased Ardent Version)Tommy Keene
    20Leaving Your World BehindTommy Keene
    21A Way OutTommy Keene

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