Toni Braxton

[Verse: Loon]
And we don't stop, no ma
What's the problem
Always complaining when there's chick are starvin'
What type of game is this?

I used to support ya, I thought you'd appreciate
Some of these things that I bought ya
Shoes from Milan, Louis Vuitton
Animals on back and jewels on your arm

Mami, it's nothin to make moves with a Don
Loon the Big Fish, leave them fools in the pond

[Verse: Toni Braxton]
Just when I made up my mind
I thought, but you would allow
You had your chance, you owe me
What makes you want to call now?

Can you try to tell me
What made you choose her as your friend?
(Chose you as a friend, baby)
Just when I think you've given up

It's you again...
All I can say

Farewell my lonely one
Nothing else that can be done (So hit the freeway!)
I don't ever want to see you again
You didn't do me right so
So long, goodbye, goodnight (So hit the freeway!)
Maybe in some other life I'll see you again

[Verse: Toni Braxton]
I would have bet the Dow Jones
If men compared to our fun, yeah
Imagine how crush it was

When you say I was not the one
(I didn't mean it girl, sorry bout that)
My friends say I was in denial
Defendin' you as a perfect friend

Now no new rumors have risen up (psst psst psst psst psst)
It's you again...
Now all I can say


But now that you've left me
Crazy you upset me
You only could have kept me
But baby you didn't get me home
To finally discover, explorin' covers
World as we know it
But you had to go and blow it!

[Verse: Toni Braxton]
Damn, it's been so long
Since I head your voice last summer
To be honest it made me smile
When I seen you not with her

(Hey baby, you know I miss you, ha-ha)
Will you tell me what I should feel
Instead of being your regret (You know why)
Maybe some day in your dreams my love

You could say, "damn it's you again"
Now all I can say


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