Yesterday I Heard The Rain

Yesterday I Heard The Rain

Tony Bennett

Yesterday I heard the rain whispering your name
Asking where you'd gone
It fell softly from the clouds on the silent crowds
As I wandered on
Out of doorways dark umbrellas came to pursue me
Faceless people as they passed were looking through me
No one knew me

Esta tarde veo ver, viente correr
No estabas tú
El otoño vive llegar
El mar o cantar y no estabas tú
No se cuanto me quiere si tu me extrañas oh me engañas
Pero yo solo sé que veo ver, viente correr
Y no estabas tú

Yesterday I saw a city full of shadows without pity
And I heard the steady rain whispering your name
Whispering your name

Y no estabas tú

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