We're Mad - The Anthology
    • We're Mad - The Anthology
    • Released in 2013
    • 45 Songs


    1A DiamondToy Dolls
    1Nellie the ElephantToy Dolls
    2Park Lane Punch UpToy Dolls
    2Dig That Groove BabyToy Dolls
    3Tommy Kowey's CarToy Dolls
    3Dougy GiroToy Dolls
    4I've Got AsthmaToy Dolls
    4Glenda and the Test Tube BabyToy Dolls
    5Pot Belly BillToy Dolls
    5Fiery JackToy Dolls
    6Cheerio and Toodle PipToy Dolls
    6Cloughy Is a BootboyToy Dolls
    7Alfie from the BronxToy Dolls
    7No Particular Place to GoToy Dolls
    8We're MadToy Dolls
    8Wakey Wakey OutroToy Dolls
    9Olga Crack CornToy Dolls
    9She Goes to FinosToy Dolls
    10Modern Schools of MotoringToy Dolls
    10Kids In Tyne and WearToy Dolls
    11Carol Dodds Is PregnantToy Dolls
    11Back In '79Toy Dolls
    12I'm a Telly AddictToy Dolls
    12Bless You My SonToy Dolls
    13Florence Is Deaf (But There's No Need to Shout)Toy Dolls
    13Ernie Had a HerniaToy Dolls
    14Deidre's a SlagToy Dolls
    14Sod the NeighboursToy Dolls
    15James Bond Lives Down Our StreetToy Dolls
    15Melancholy MargaretToy Dolls
    16Idle GossipToy Dolls
    16Alec's GoneToy Dolls
    17The Lambrusco KidToy Dolls
    17Please Release Me / Darling I Loathe YouToy Dolls
    18Harry's HandToy Dolls
    18Harry Cross (A Tribute to Edna)Toy Dolls
    19Geordie's Gone to JailToy Dolls
    19She'll Be Back With Keith SomedayToy Dolls
    20PC StokerToy Dolls
    20The Devil Went Down to ScunthorpeToy Dolls
    21My Baby Is a BattleaxeToy Dolls
    21Yul Brynner Was a SkinheadToy Dolls
    22Fisticuffs In Frederick StreetToy Dolls
    22Charlie's WatchingToy Dolls
    23Livin' la Vida LocaToy Dolls

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