British Jazz Legend

British Jazz Legend

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1Vibe-RationsTubby Hayes
2Zing Went The Strings Of My HeartTubby Hayes
3A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley SquareTubby Hayes
4The Moon Was YellowTubby Hayes
5A Foggy DayTubby Hayes
6Black CoffeeTubby Hayes
7Teen StrollTubby Hayes
8Rock Cha-ChaTubby Hayes
9Stompin' At The SavoyTubby Hayes
10Swinging BeatTubby Hayes
11Little John's SpecialTubby Hayes
12Stroll With Me, BabyTubby Hayes
13London PrideTubby Hayes
14Walking With JohnTubby Hayes
15Boppin's And Hoppin'Tubby Hayes
16Hark DogTubby Hayes
17Teen Beat StompTubby Hayes
18InvitationTubby Hayes
19Art's ThemeTubby Hayes
20Rockin' BeatTubby Hayes
21Midnite JumpTubby Hayes
22Live It UpTubby Hayes
23Let's Jive, HoneyTubby Hayes
24Teen Beat SpecialTubby Hayes
25Ninth ManTubby Hayes
26Passport To PimlicoTubby Hayes
27Tw'on SpecialTubby Hayes
28Darn That DreamTubby Hayes
29Perpetual LoverTubby Hayes
30You Better Know ItTubby Hayes
31Piece Of CakeTubby Hayes
32Then I'll Be Tired Of YouTubby Hayes
33I'll Close My EyesTubby Hayes
34Beaulieu BeefTubby Hayes
35Embargo On EscargotTubby Hayes

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