Playa Cardz Right (Male) (Album Version (Edited))

Playa Cardz Right (Male) (Album Version (Edited))


This going out to all the females that be having
To beat them motherf***ers in they head to get them
Off of them, Haha

Another shady mission, tricks, like watchin' pictures in hazy vision
Tonight is love makin', take you any place you wish
Today we satisfied, and today we stole them kisses
Blind insanity, perfect pictures of me and my family

Not understanding it definitely, if they plan for me
If I have kids, will I live to see them grow?
Though I don't know, I live the life of a thug n****
Until the day I go, no broken promises

A sacred bond broken, I know I die alone
But yet and still I'm hopin'
Visions of prisons, maybe I'll be forgiven
I know it's better in heaven 'cause bein' here ain't livin'

Close my eyes and see nothing but pain, the world is crazy, still
Lookin' for a queen to plant seeds and have babies
Maybe I'll be the one or just maybe I'm lost
You'll never know being cautious, if you playa cardz right

Player cards right baby (Haha, player cards right)
Player cards right girl (Take ya time)
Take your time baby (Be patient)
Just be patient baby (Don't rush)
Don't you rush it girl

Uh huh, Luda
You ain't gotta do that baby
It's not the hand that you're dealt but how you playin' your cards
You got a brother feelin' mellow like a Cuban cigar

You truly a star, we'll take the days one at a time
I think we make the perfect pair, cause you my one of a kind
I say we make a full house, live out the family dreams
No jokers, no jacks, just kings and queens

And we should leave the clubs alone and take trips to islands
Give you all of my heart and flood your hands with diamonds
No more livin' like a player, stop chasin' the hoes
I never put you in a shuffle, use my ace in the hole

I live a life full of riches we got places to go
So no bluffin', no rushin', just takin' it slow
Let your man do the hustling while you lay in the shade
I'll throw a deuce to the haters, call a spade a spade

And let you know I'll never hurt you, baby girl
You made me hurry up and wait and I know patience is a virtue
Player cards right baby


[Repeat: x2]
You're the one, the only one heaven sent for me
Baby I'm hopin' that you understand, that you still believe
That I got the special times, on my mind, just hopin' that you see
Baby that the thug in me is lovin' you, that this is meant to be
Girl I'll never leave you alone

[Chorus: 2x]


You know

I know how it is sometimes

I know exactly what you talking about

Motherf***er be havin' a one track mind.
That liquor be makin' a motherf***er just straight up stone cold thuggin

It's ok, we don't know no better sometimes, haha

You gotta slow down homie

We learn that

Player cards right

Yeah hahaha

Especially them n****z like Kastro, Kastro is a straight gorilla pimp

My homeboy I-20 is just like that man

And that n**** f***in uhh, Yaki Kadafi, straight gorilla pimp

Lil' Fate the same way

N****z just be takin' it, they don't give a f***. Big what?


Them n****z is just gorilla pimps

Haha, that's Jayo for ya

E.D.I. Amin

Hahahaha, Ha

That n**** done slow down up

Please slow it down

He used to be a super gorilla pimp

Doller Boy, Haha, Disturbin' the Peace baby, we can take it slow sometimes man

Yeah, yeah

Woo, player cards right

Player cards right

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