Pimp On  (Edited Album Version) (Edited Album Version)

Pimp On (Edited Album Version) (Edited Album Version)


[Intro: Bishop Don Magic Juan]
Yeah.. no introduction is really needed
But it's, the Bishop Don Magic Juan
Chairman of the Board, of famous playas everywhere!
Representin, green is for the money
Gold is for the honey, ain't it man?

Pimp pimp onnnn, pimp-pimp onnnn
Pimp onnnn, pimp pimp on!
Then get your pimp on

[Verse One: Twista]
Peep how the Twist' puttin' down the lunchie while smokin' a lot of dro
What you know 'bout checkin' yo' paper for a down-a** bottom hoe
Or snatchin' yo' new fur model mink with the hood off the hanger
24-karat rings standin' a half a foot off the finger

Custom seats are amazin' tellin' nobody could touch that b****
Shoes my Maurie, piss by the month, he cut shock s***
Anything from my hoes when I ask, I get it
In the Cadillac I kick it, since y'all I wanted to be like macks and Bishop

Type want to get up in the club, drinkin' Crissy from a gold cup
Flossin' my club, peepin' persons yellin' out "Chuuuch!"
Finna attract to trick politicians I'm a maintain pimpin'
You can't change pimpin', from the Stone Age to the "Space Age" pimpin'

From Southern mackin' in Memphis to the playa mo' when you shoot to Chi
In the black diamond with fuchsia dye pullin' out hoes like Superfly
All I gotta do is spit fo' lines
Now she got me chameleon gators with colors that flip fo' times
Now get yo'.

Pimp pimp on (pimp on)
Pimp-pimp on (pimp on)
Pimp on (pimp on) pimp pimp on!
Then get your pimp on
Pimp pimp on (and if you want it the 'Llac with three hoes in the back)
Pimp-pimp on (feelin' like a mack while you checkin' yo' scratch)
Pimp on (then you gettin' yo' pimp on) pimp pimp on!
Then get your pimp on

[Verse Two: 8 Ball]
Uhh... yeah.. yeah, yeah
It's the fat, mack - EightBall to most of y'all
You a hoe need a pimp, I'm the one you supposed to call
S*** talker, somebody's daughter she my street walker

She call me daddy, she a hoe so that's what I call her
Or big toed, hard-head a** hoe
The rougher I treat her she love a n**** even mo'
Brush my hair, manicure and do my toes

Knock b****es from them n****z who act like hoes
I'm mink draggin' out my 2?2 Paddywagon
Sittin' on 2-3's, diamonds on 24 karats
Ball not a b**** a**, and I don't make deals

Peel a meal from a p****, know how that feels?
High heels and furs, Lexus his and hers
Hpnotic, ex' and sex mixed with the words
Pull up, and let the window down, here she come
The American way, I was taught how to.


[Verse Three: Too $hort]
Playa get you pimpin' on
Gotta get you game together man, all your women gone
To start all over, ain't nothin' to a mack
Just put 'em to work, and watch yo' money stack

That's fo'sho' doe, everyday a G a mo'
Asked your little sister, "Girl, why you want to be a hoe?"
She got turned out, like Red Riding Hood
Goin' to Grandma's house, now she lookin' real good

While the Big Bad Wolf tryin' eat her out
Pay up, the cash is what we be about
Squares, we don't care if you don't understand
Players break out the game power, you don't want to go there

Say it in your prayers you want to be like me
You down on your knees but it's not likely
To ever happen, so I just keep rappin'
This real mackin', this ain't actin'


[Outro: Bishop Don Magic Juan]
Yeah, Bishop Don Magic Juan
Ain't no shame, in my game
Good game, is happenin everyhere
{*Interlude plays in background*}
Playas in Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami
New York, Chi-Town, WORLD-WIDE!
Chuch is here!

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