Twisted Sister

Come inside, take a seat or a ride
We're so glad that you're here, now come on
Have a drink of some coke, gasoline or some rope
A guillotine, are you gone?
Don't turn around, ignore that sound
Just lie on this rack, are you starting to crack?


I need this like a knife in the back
I need this like a knife in the back

Hey, my man, can you feel, can you stand?
That's a shame, really sad, do you want some more?
Like to help if I could but I don't think I should
I don't care, shall I pour?
Just lay right here, nothing to fear
All that you lack will start fading to black


Solo - Eddie

Ain't it sad that he's dead, was it something we said?
Such a drag, what could we do?
He was an ass, always smelling of gas
Not at all one of us, the chosen few
He turned around and heard the sound
Those with the knack get to run with the pack


I need this
I need this
I need this
Like a knife in the back

Written by DEE SNIDER
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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