Ty Herndon

We?re in a room full of people and your

Talking to yourself again till you

Find your closest friend, the door

Let?s take a walk out in the sun

You say ?Why? The clouds will come?

Just like all the times before

How can you survive

On whiskey and goodbyes

Does it satisfy, baby..


Don?t go off and hide

So scared of what the world will find

I can help you if you need it

You may not care for love

You made it clear, you?re minds made up

I can make your heart believe it

It will take your breath away

Just try, you?ll be amazed

It?ll bring new life to the dead

You just know without any proof

It can turn lies into truth

Yes, the best medicine you can get

Won?t you take my hand

Before you slip back there

And get nowhere


Oh, make your heart believe it

I can?t watch you drown, drown

Sink to the bottom like a stone, cold

Unaware that you?re even going down, down

You do it, oh so naturally


I can help you if you need it

Let?s take a walk out in the sun

I know the clouds will come

But not like before

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