Tyler, the Creator

Random disclaimer
Hey, don't do anything that I say in this song, okay?
It's fuckin' fiction
If anything happens, don't fuckin' blame me,
White America, fuck Bill O'Reilly
Four, three, two, one

What the fuck I look like sayin' I'm sorry
To a bunch of fuckin' fags who can't potentially harm me?
I ain't never gonna bow down to your expectations
By the way, I got sixty fuckin' Wolves that'll guard me
That skate hard, Thrash black hoodies, try somethin'
Make sure your fuckin' feelings end up up in a Glad bag
Fuck all your opinions, I'm tie 'em up in a shoestring
And fuck the fat lady, it's over when all the kids sing

Kill people, burn shit, fuck school
I'm fuckin' radical, nigga
Left, right, left, right

Fuck cops, I'm a fuckin' rock star
Rebel and defiance makes my mothafuckin' cock hard
Fuck pigs, fuck God, God's a fuckin' retard
Fuck school, I'ma fuck up, fuck Harvard
I ain't got no fuckin' money, hey mom
I ain't got no mothafuckin' daddy, he ain't teach me shit
Child support ain't come that fagot still ain't bought me anything
Fuck the fat lady, it's over when all the kids sing


Fuck your traditions, fuck your positions
Fuck your religion, fuck your decisions
See they're not mine so you gotta let 'em go
We can be ourselves, but you gotta let us know

Written by OKONMA, TYLER
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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