Get it up niggas, get it up [x4]

[Chorus x2]
On the road to riches I'm a get it up
My grind is relentless I'm a get it up
My shine is ridiculous I'm a get it up
I'm a get it up, I'm a get it up

Fresh out the box like a pair of Nike airs it's slick
For the green like Sebastian Telfair
The shields in this bitch
We seek and destroy
Your boy got a mind like Sigmund Freud see the lawyers and the haters got me
But I see the finish line so I'm going for it we the streets choice,
We don't need no awards
You can clip the wings and we still gon soar
U lame as niggas ain't spittin for shit dump truck niggas you garbage pale
Got my swisha in my hand and my 5th on tuck
One thing on my mind and that's gettin it up


Got money to the ceiling
Bags full of white
Strapped young gizzle?
You goddamn right
Snitch this week better think twice
Even three times cause I bust mine
I'm a get it up I'm a get it in
Homie came through when he cashed out 10
26's now ridin on thangs
Straight to the spot I ran through the change
The 100's and them 50's homie
Ain't shit new the whole task force know me

Keep a sack yea the whole hood on me
It ain't all bad but it ain't all good homie
Me, Slick Pulla, B-Raw Stein (steen) fyi we tote them things
Parked lambo then I hopped in a rarri hopped out a rarri then I hopped in a
Brought a 100 thousand with me all that spent now I'm standing round like
Where that went
Now gt stil blowin my dro I'm a get it in make it cost some more


Stackin to the ceiling dog
Bird in your backyard
Fuck the safe deposit dog
The fans tryna take it all
Niggas still foldin money
I ain't even holdin money
I been left the trap and them niggas still owe me money
Still gettin it up I'm tryna get up
But it's hard to leave the streets b4 a nigga fucked up
Money ain't the root of evil it's the love of that motherfucker
3 the hard way stick together like blood brothers
Family come fore everything one twenty for the pledge
We speak for the real niggas
If I'm lyin them I'm falling dead b4 I be broke receiving death or them
Cuffs I'm going all out cause I'm tryna get it up

[Chorus x2]

Me, Slick Pulla, B-Raw Stein (steen) fyi we tote them things [x3]
FYI We tote them things [x3]

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