The Easy Road

The Easy Road

Uriah Heep

If you're looking for a place
You can fly together
And you're really afraid of
What you're leaving behind
Take the easiest road
But take care my brother
For you'll never find peace
With a troubled mind

Far better to love each other
Than to worry so deeply
â??Bout the place you're in
And far better to kiss her softly
Than lookin' back on a love
You'll never have again

Time's as fickle as
The sky in winter
And two hearts always
Were better than one
Love has the wings
Of a tireless angel
She'll stay beside you
Till the day is done

La la la la la

You'll never have again
No no no, never again
You'll never have again

Written by HENSLEY, KEN
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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