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Disinformation Fix

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1MexidudesUsurp Synapse
1I Know A Guy Who Likes DynamiteUsurp Synapse
2Beard Of RemorasUsurp Synapse
2Going Down With Both Guns Blazin'Usurp Synapse
3Modulator/DemodulatorUsurp Synapse
3Truth About PyecraftUsurp Synapse
4Misc. Arrangement Of Black Market PartsUsurp Synapse
4Talk To TuckerUsurp Synapse
5Muscle On The WolfUsurp Synapse
5Robot InsuranceUsurp Synapse
6Fuck You, MankindUsurp Synapse
6Pathogen GimmickUsurp Synapse
7Meryl Streep Is A Fucking LiarUsurp Synapse
7Giga Please!Usurp Synapse
8Pete Rose's Homerun DerbyUsurp Synapse
8Take Advantage Of The Free HeadlockUsurp Synapse
9BrundleflyUsurp Synapse
9When Good Pets Go BadUsurp Synapse
10Lil' GuysUsurp Synapse
103 ClicksUsurp Synapse
11Good Luck With Your BookUsurp Synapse
11Rottweiler DeathUsurp Synapse
12Hairdo 2000 ADUsurp Synapse
12Wrist, Meet RazorUsurp Synapse
13Maybe You Should Kill YourselfUsurp Synapse
13This City's A GridUsurp Synapse
14You Thought You Were Special, You Were WrongUsurp Synapse
14Oh...You Are SickUsurp Synapse
15Bloody HardhatUsurp Synapse
15Just Do It!Usurp Synapse
16Don't Be CruelUsurp Synapse
16UntitledUsurp Synapse
17Reach Out And Touch Me With That Emo HandUsurp Synapse
17UntitledUsurp Synapse
18UntitledUsurp Synapse
18A Circle Of Thank -You'sUsurp Synapse
19UntitledUsurp Synapse
19Carebear StareUsurp Synapse
20My Spidey Sense Is Going Fucking NutsUsurp Synapse
20I'm A Fufufucking VavavampireUsurp Synapse
21What Would You Say If I Said I Love YouUsurp Synapse
21Robocop As A FragranceUsurp Synapse
22Segueway Into DryhumpingUsurp Synapse
22I Was Born With A Hard-OnUsurp Synapse
23UpenyaUsurp Synapse
23Infestation Of Richard PryorUsurp Synapse
24The Main IngredientUsurp Synapse
24Art Carney Wannabe MotherfuckerUsurp Synapse
25Come And Get It MoleUsurp Synapse
25Deadly Handshake, Friendly MilkshakeUsurp Synapse
26Doin' The BackwardsUsurp Synapse
26Energy CondomUsurp Synapse
27Carving A Ferrari Out Of A PumpkinUsurp Synapse
27We Shoot From The HipUsurp Synapse
28Live It! Live It!Usurp Synapse
28Extra Guys ScreamingUsurp Synapse
29UntitledUsurp Synapse
29Here's $100 SenioritaUsurp Synapse
30Keith SweatUsurp Synapse
31Murder Was The Case They Gave MeUsurp Synapse
32Born DifferentUsurp Synapse

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