Payin' Dues

    Payin' Dues
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    1Twist And ShakeVan Morrison
    2Shake And RollVan Morrison
    3Stomp And ScreamVan Morrison
    4Scream And HollerVan Morrison
    5Jump And ThumpVan Morrison
    6Drivin' WheelVan Morrison
    7Just BallVan Morrison
    8Shake It MableVan Morrison
    9Hold On GeorgeVan Morrison
    10The Big Royalty CheckVan Morrison
    11Ring WormVan Morrison
    12Savoy HollywoodVan Morrison
    13Freaky If You Got This FarVan Morrison
    14Up Your MindVan Morrison
    15Thirty TwoVan Morrison
    16All The BitsVan Morrison
    17You Say France And I WhistleVan Morrison
    18Blow In Your NoseVan Morrison
    19Nose In Your BlowVan Morrison
    20La MamboVan Morrison
    21Go For YourselfVan Morrison
    22Want A DanishVan Morrison
    23Here Comes Dumb GeorgeVan Morrison
    24Chickee CooVan Morrison
    25Do ItVan Morrison
    26Hang On GroovyVan Morrison
    27Goodbye GeorgeVan Morrison
    28Dum Dum GeorgeVan Morrison
    29Walk And TalkVan Morrison
    30The WobbleVan Morrison
    31Wobble And BallVan Morrison

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