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1Il YAVanessa Paradis
1Marilyn & JohnVanessa Paradis
2PourtantVanessa Paradis
2Dans Mon CafeVanessa Paradis
3Marilyn & JohnVanessa Paradis
3La Decleration D'AmourVanessa Paradis
4Dis Lui Toi Que Je T'AimeVanessa Paradis
4JackadiVanessa Paradis
5Joe Le TaxiVanessa Paradis
5I Love ParisVanessa Paradis
6MaxouVanessa Paradis
6Emmenez MoiVanessa Paradis
7Sunday MondaysVanessa Paradis
7La Ballade De Johnny JaneVanessa Paradis
8TandemVanessa Paradis
8When I SayVanessa Paradis
9Natural HighVanessa Paradis
9Concia ChachachaVanessa Paradis
10CommandoVanessa Paradis
10St GermainVanessa Paradis
11Be My BabyVanessa Paradis
11This Will Be Our YearVanessa Paradis
12Divine IdylleVanessa Paradis
12Les Filles ElectriquesVanessa Paradis
13Dès Que J'Te VoisVanessa Paradis
13Made In AsiaVanessa Paradis
14Just As Long As You Are ThereVanessa Paradis
14AbracadabraVanessa Paradis
15Que Fait La VieVanessa Paradis
15I Wouldn't DareVanessa Paradis
16L'IncedieVanessa Paradis
16ScarabeeVanessa Paradis
17Varvara PavlovnaVanessa Paradis

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