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Women With Attitude

Women With Attitude

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1No Man's Mama (A Woman's Choice)Ethel Waters
2Tomorrow, Who Cares? (A Woman's Choice)Ruth Etting
3Doin' What I Please (A Woman's Choice)Adelaïde Hall
4Ships That Pass In The Night (A Woman's Choice)Frances Mae Maddux
5Is There Anything Wrong With That? (Harpies In Sheep's Clothing)Annette Hanshaw
6My Man Is On The Make (Harpies In Sheep's Clothing)Ben Selvin & His Orchestra
7Dangerous Nan McGrew (Harpies In Sheep's Clothing)Helen Kane
8I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again (Alice In Chains)Lulu Belle White
9Seven Years With The Wrong Man (Alice In Chains)Zora Layman
10Red Hot Flo From Kokomo (Jazz Vampires)Eva Taylor
11Hardhearted Hannah (Jazz Vampires)Dolly Kay
12I Like a Guy What Takes His TimeMae West
13One Hour Mama (Time and Motion Experts)Victoria Spivey
14He's Still My Baby (Woman To Woman)Lee Morse
15Mama's Grown Young (The Weaker Sex)The Goofus Five & Their Orchestra
16Poor Papa (The Weaker Sex)Lee Morse
17No One Man Is Ever Going To Worry Me (What's Good For The Goose)Sophie Tucker
18So's Your Old Lady (What's Good For The Goose)Ruth Etting
19Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night (What's Good For The Goose)Ethel Waters
20Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore (What's Good For The Goose)Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers
21I Know That My Baby Is Cheatin' On Me (What's Good For The Goose)Sophie Tucker
22Papa, Better Watch Your Step (Uncertain, Coy and Hard To Please)Sophie Tucker
23I Ain't Taking Orders From No-One (Uncertain, Coy and Hard To Please)Sophie Tucker
24Why Don't You Do Right? (Uncertain, Coy and Hard To Please)Benny Goodman & His Orchestra with Peggy Lee
25Mama's Gone, Goodbye! (Uncertain, Coy and Hard To Please)Midge Williams & Her Jazz Jesters

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