The Violent Femmes Collection
    • The Violent Femmes Collection
    • Released in 2013
    • 72 Songs


    1Old Mother ReaganViolent Femmes
    1American MusicViolent Femmes
    1Blister In The SunViolent Femmes
    1NightmaresViolent Femmes
    1Don't Start Me On The LiquorViolent Femmes
    1Country Death SongViolent Femmes
    2No KillingViolent Femmes
    2New TimesViolent Femmes
    2Just Like My FatherViolent Femmes
    2Kiss OffViolent Femmes
    2Out The WindowViolent Femmes
    2I Hear The RainViolent Femmes
    3FaithViolent Femmes
    3Breakin' UpViolent Femmes
    3Please Do Not GoViolent Femmes
    3Dating DaysViolent Femmes
    3Look Like ThatViolent Femmes
    3Never TellViolent Femmes
    4Breakin' HeartsViolent Femmes
    4Jesus Walking On The WaterViolent Femmes
    4Do You Really Want To Hurt MeViolent Femmes
    4Add It UpViolent Femmes
    4Key Of 2Violent Femmes
    4FatViolent Femmes
    54 SeasonsViolent Femmes
    5SpecialViolent Femmes
    5ConfessionsViolent Femmes
    5I Know It's True But I'm Sorry To SayViolent Femmes
    5Hey Nonny NonnyViolent Femmes
    5Fool In The Full MoonViolent Femmes
    6Used To BeViolent Femmes
    6Love & Me Make ThreeViolent Femmes
    6Prove My LoveViolent Femmes
    6Nothing Worth Living ForViolent Femmes
    6Hallowed GroundViolent Femmes
    6MachineViolent Femmes
    7World We're Living InViolent Femmes
    7PromiseViolent Femmes
    7Sweet Misery BluesViolent Femmes
    7Girl TroubleViolent Femmes
    7I'm NothingViolent Femmes
    7Candlelight SongViolent Femmes
    8When Everybody's HappyViolent Femmes
    8To The KillViolent Femmes
    8Black GirlsViolent Femmes
    8He Likes MeViolent Femmes
    8I Held Her In My ArmsViolent Femmes
    8Outside The PalaceViolent Femmes
    9Gone Daddy GoneViolent Femmes
    9AgamemnonViolent Femmes
    9It's Gonna RainViolent Femmes
    9Life Is A ScreamViolent Femmes
    9Children Of The RevolutionViolent Femmes
    9Telephone BookViolent Femmes
    10Flamingo BabyViolent Femmes
    10This Island LifeViolent Femmes
    10Mother Of A GirlViolent Femmes
    10Good FeelingViolent Femmes
    10Good FriendViolent Femmes
    11HeartacheViolent Femmes
    11Lack Of KnowledgeViolent Femmes
    11I Saw You In The CrowdViolent Femmes
    11LiesViolent Femmes
    11Ugly [1983 Rough Trade UK Single]Violent Femmes
    12See My ShipsViolent Femmes
    12More Money TonightViolent Femmes
    12Mirror Mirror (I See A Damsel)Violent Femmes
    12Gimme The Car [1983 Rough Trade UK Single]Violent Femmes
    12Cold CanyonViolent Femmes
    13Two PeopleViolent Femmes
    13I'm FreeViolent Femmes
    13Jesus Of RioViolent Femmes

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