West Up!

West Up!

WC and the Maad Circle

West side-fa-life-in-ya!!
("Throwin' up the W")
("Throwin' up the W")
Yeah, I'm with this, what we throwin' up?
("Throwin' up the W")
All you busta ass niggas out there

I got my motherfuckin' homeboys in the house ("Throwin' up the W")
My nigga Ice Cube ("Throwin' up the W"), Mack 10
Back to set the record straight for all these busta ass niggas
Who trip, this how we do it nigga

[Chorus: x2]
Front back side to side
We be givin' it up, till the day we die
Niggas hit me up, I'ma have ta erupt
So motherfucker West Up!

Nigga clear the lane, here I come, once again
With this, gangsta click, droppin' this, gangsta shit
Strictly for the riders who ride us I gotta WestSider
Rhymer for them niggas that's sittin' on them Dayton wires
Pump the bass, hit the switch
Cause Ice Cube, Mack 10, and Dub-see, back up in this be -I-itch
Straight hoodsta for life, ain't no lookin' back
Ink in my flesh, WestSide tattered on my chest
Walkin with the shadow of death
Through the land of the skanless, South Central Los Angeles
Home of the Crips and the Bloods
Where even the strongest niggas is drug through the mud
And visitors from outta town best to stay in Hollywood
You get that tourist ass ganked strollin' through my hood
West coast till the casket drop
I be throwin it up, so motherfucker West Up!

It's gun ho Mack one-oh please you can't fuck wit these
Ice Cube's and Dub-Cee's is my G'z
And hip-hop, top three niggas the new bosses
Never slippin' cause we flosses, packin' Nina Rosses
Nigga, thought you knew how we do it
Ain't a Damn Thing Changed, always on them things
Forever and a day, so back up, gimme room, don't neglect
Just respect and everything I can't check I wreck
Now you can cross out the bustas and snitches
Shit only killers hootchie bitches and hot hydraulic switches allowed
On the turf where the real hogs dwell
Sewed up the hood, the fattest bolas on the block for sale
Inglewood City, the throne I call home
Niggas be so bright, you might need your locs on
To bail through, it's fin you're in with Mack 10
And I gotta confess up, nigga this West Up! for life


Now I got ta show you how the West coast rocks
No razor blades, in my mouth, just a glock
And I'm hittin' you up, with that W-S
The sun, rises in the East, but it sets in the West
No gold teeth, you gets a wreath
So hand me the goodies, stockin' mask, no hoodies
Christmas day, I'm in a tre
While some of you niggaz got the robe reindeer and a sleigh
We don't call it five-oh, we call it one time
It's my life my life my life my life, in the sunshine!
One nine weighs a ton
How the fuck you think that the West was won?
Now shit can be squashed over a forty ounce of backwash
No jokes, the land of locs and hundred spokes
In the East, we can be brothers
But when you come to L.A., watch your motherfuckin' colors
West Up! nigga


Give it up, give it up
Like the nigga James Brown, me and my niggas are puttin' it down
So busters be wary cause see we represent the city
Where niggas caught slippin' is left with they brains drippin'
City of the Angels, more like a concrete jungle
Full of macks Cadillac's and crack sacks
I pledge allegiance to the shit till I die
So let the five-twenty slide and put it down from the WestSide


("Throwin' up the W")

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