Aerobic Dance Vol. 3 - Ultra Workout (incl. 2 Nonstop DJ Mixes)
    • Aerobic Dance Vol. 3 - Ultra Workout (incl. 2 Nonstop DJ Mixes)
    • Released in 2010
    • 42 Songs


    1Aerobic Dance 3 - Ultra Power Electra Workout DJ Mix Vol. 1 by DJ CarmenVarious Artists
    2Aerobic Dance 3 - Ultra Power Fatburner Workout DJ Mix Vol. 2 by DJ ShapeVarious Artists
    3Forever (Weststylers Extended) (feat. Sandra)Various Artists
    4What's Up (DJ Dean Remix)Various Artists
    5Come Together (Hi Beats Remix) (feat. Gary Bardouille)Leggz
    6Musix Inside U (Tronix DJ Extended)Various Artists
    7Fantasy (Jason White Remix)Various Artists
    8Sweet Thing (Mat.B Extended) (feat. Ari)Waters
    9Fuego (Oliver Twist Hands Up Remix)Magnetix Projekt
    10To The BeatLuxer
    11The Voices (Tim Weise Remix)Jay Eichler
    12The Day After The Party (Rock Band Remix)Various Artists
    13Another Day (Nee-Drigg & Coon Remix)MKS Deejay
    14We Will Rock U (Like Thiz) (Beat Booty Mix)Dancecore Broth.
    15The Little Things (D & S Jumpstyle Booty)Night Flight
    16Move that Body (Niccho Remix)Various Artists
    17Don't Leave Me (DJ The Bass Extended) (feat. C.Y.T.)Various Artists
    18Shining Like A Star (feat. Young Zerka)De Vox
    19(We Got) No Limit (Dutch Style Mix)Dancecore Broth.
    20Party Weekend (Club Mix)Celebration Farrow
    21Forever (MKS Deejay meets Nee-Drigg and Coon Remix) (feat MKS Deejay)Dancecore Broth.
    22Emotion (TBM DJ Extended)D-JMC
    23Leave This Time (Extended)Ben Coen
    24Tekno Beat (Instrumental)The Vain Boy
    25Round & Round (Sun Kidz vs Cricket Mix) (feat. C.Y.T.)Various Artists
    26The Paradise (Sunray & Valle Remix)Jordan Dyck
    27I Believe (DJ Gio Extended)Various Artists
    28Loosing Control (feat. Young Zerka)De Vox
    29I'll Stand By You (Destino Extended Mix)Destino
    30Come Back 2010 (Club Mix)Att White
    31So Blind (OverDrive Division Remix)Mickey
    32Angelo (Luna Felix Extended)Sunnyboy
    33We Wanna Rock U (Once More) (Tronix Dj Remix)Dancecore Broth.
    34Fantasia De Amor (Miguel Valbuena Extended) (feat. Tina)Various Artists
    35Live Out Noise (Feeldii Remix)Philip Mayer
    36Up This Down This (Club Mix)Various Artists
    37Go (Extended)Townie Boy
    38Never Alone (SMP Radio Remix)Various Artists
    39Power For My Brain (Extended)Fcdeejay
    40Blu (Original Extended) (feat. Jeyla)Various Artists
    41Discogirl (Handsup-Playerz Remix)Various Artists
    42Scream (Groove-T Remix)M-J

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