Trill ent Young Savage
If it don't make dollar's it don't make sense
I'm just doing what I do when I do what I do Nobody do it better nobody
If it ain't purple it ain't smoking right

[Verse 1:]
I don't know what's finna happen tomorrow
But Growing up in dem hoods
All a nigga can do is hope it'll be good

Him, big head that's my thug [unknown]
So where you art (I'm in the hood) just stay dere I'll through it
When I'm riding it's high 18 ft Or some hit with some heat
Told my peeps I'm a die in these streets
I'm a million dollar nigga why am I in these streets?
I don't know nigga shit I got love in these streets
8th grade found a plug in em and I ain't turn back
Ain't no love in em thugs gonna have to learn dat
I'm a tell ya'll the real doe money what we here foe!
Cause say he was coming home Monday, that was a year ago
Tell me stop I blow, My tolerance is real low
If it wasn't for baby bopper I would a died from pounds a some years ago
Young savage I be hearing you doe, You got some tiger in you though
Nigga sounding like you on the cool but I don't know

[Chorus: x 2]
I make it just so sick that they gotta (bite my shit)
Man I got so many hoes and bitches (like my dick)
Man I ain't never goin' stop it's just like pimpin' (just like this)
And get it (just like this) and win it (just like this)

[Verse 2:]
I ain't never had shit but dis rap wish
Big whips but no money for the chap stick
But I was real since a nigga hit back flips
I'm real in thugin' I don't need no practice
Girls under the mattress
Start Fucking a bitch look like a actress
I workin' for the magnum stead of plastic
Everywhere I go I got hoes so attracted
Don't be hating just be brave and get yo ass whipped
I'm a bust him if his ass trip


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