Favorite Hymns for Kids

Favorite Hymns for Kids

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1I've Got Peace Like a RiverWee Worship
2Leaning on the Everlasting ArmsWee Worship
3Savior, Like a Shepherd, Lead UsWee Worship
4Precious Lord, Take My HandWee Worship
5Fairest Lord JesusWee Worship
6KumbayaWee Worship
7What a Friend We Have in JesusWee Worship
8Wade in the WaterWee Worship
9Amazing GraceWee Worship
10Standing on the Promises of GodWee Worship
11All Things Bright and BeautifulWee Worship
12This is My Father's WorldWee Worship
13Tell Me the Stories of JesusWee Worship
14All Night, All DayWee Worship
15Oh, Happy DayWee Worship
16I've Got Peace Like a River (Instrumental)Wee Worship
17Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Instrumental)Wee Worship
18Savior, Like a Shepherd, Lead Us (Instrumental)Wee Worship
19Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Instrumental)Wee Worship
20Fairest Lord Jesus (Instrumental)Wee Worship
21Kumbaya (Instrumental)Wee Worship
22What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Instrumental)Wee Worship
23Wade in the Water (Instrumental)Wee Worship
24Amazing Grace (Instrumental)Wee Worship
25Standing on the Promises of God (Instrumental)Wee Worship
26All Things Bright and Beautiful (Instrumental)Wee Worship
27This is My Father's World (Instrumental)Wee Worship
28Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (Instrumental)Wee Worship
29All Night, All Day (Instrumental)Wee Worship
30Oh, Happy Day (Instrumental)Wee Worship
31Hallelu, HalleluWee Worship
32Children of the Heavenly FatherWee Worship
33Holy, Holy, HolyWee Worship
34Day by DayWee Worship
35Were You There?Wee Worship
36Just a Closer Walk With TheeWee Worship
37Lord, I Want to be a ChristianWee Worship
38DoxologyWee Worship
39For the Beauty of the EarthWee Worship
40When the Saints Go Marching InWee Worship
41Beautiful SaviorWee Worship
42Stand Up, Stand Up for JesusWee Worship
43O Worship the KingWee Worship
44READING: John 3:16Wee Worship
45Precious LordWee Worship
46Hallelu, Hallelu (Instrumental)Wee Worship
47Children of the Heavenly Father (Instrumental)Wee Worship
48Holy, Holy, Holy (Instrumental)Wee Worship
49Day by Day (Instrumental)Wee Worship
50Were You There? (Instrumental)Wee Worship
51Just a Closer Walk With Thee (Instrumental)Wee Worship
52Lord, I Want to be a Christian (Instrumental)Wee Worship
53Doxology (Instrumental)Wee Worship
54For the Beauty of the Earth (Instrumental)Wee Worship
55When the Saints Go Marching In (Instrumental)Wee Worship
56Beautiful Savior (Instrumental)Wee Worship
57Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus (Instrumental)Wee Worship
58O Worship the King (Instrumental)Wee Worship

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