Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
    • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
    • Released in 2008
    • 64 Songs


    1Children Of The GraveWhite Zombie
    1God Of ThunderWhite Zombie
    1Gentleman JunkieWhite Zombie
    1RatmouthWhite Zombie
    2Feed The GodsWhite Zombie
    2King Of SoulsWhite Zombie
    2Love RazorWhite Zombie
    2Shack Of HateWhite Zombie
    3Electric Head, Part 1 (The Agony)White Zombie
    3Drowning The ColossusWhite Zombie
    3Disaster Blaster 2White Zombie
    3Tales From The ScareCrowManWhite Zombie
    4Super Charger HeavenWhite Zombie
    4Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/ Psychoholic SlagWhite Zombie
    4Crow IIIWhite Zombie
    4Cat's Eye ResurrectionWhite Zombie
    5Pig HeavenWhite Zombie
    5Real Solution #9White Zombie
    5Knuckle DusterWhite Zombie
    5Die, Zombie, DieWhite Zombie
    6Thunder Kiss '65White Zombie
    6Creature Of The WheelWhite Zombie
    6SkinWhite Zombie
    6Slaughter The GreyWhite Zombie
    7Eighty-EightWhite Zombie
    7Black SunshineWhite Zombie
    7Truck On FireWhite Zombie
    7Electric Head, Part 2 (The Ecstasy)White Zombie
    8Soul-CrusherWhite Zombie
    8Grease Paint And Monkey BrainsWhite Zombie
    8Future-ShockWhite Zombie
    8Fast JungleWhite Zombie
    9I, ZombieWhite Zombie
    9ScumkillWhite Zombie
    9Gun CrazyWhite Zombie
    9Cosmic Monsters Inc.White Zombie
    10KickWhite Zombie
    10Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)White Zombie
    10More Human Than HumanWhite Zombie
    10Diamond AssWhite Zombie
    11DemonspeedWhite Zombie
    11El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-RamaWhite Zombie
    11MemphisWhite Zombie
    11I Am LegendWhite Zombie
    12Knuckle DusterWhite Zombie
    12Disaster BlasterWhite Zombie
    12MagdaleneWhite Zombie
    12Blur The TechnicolorWhite Zombie
    13Blood, Milk And SkyWhite Zombie
    13True CrimeWhite Zombie
    13Thrust!White Zombie
    13MurderworldWhite Zombie
    14One Big CrunchWhite Zombie
    14The OneWhite Zombie
    14RevengeWhite Zombie
    15Grindhouse (A Go-Go)White Zombie
    15I'm Your BoogiemanWhite Zombie
    15Acid FleshWhite Zombie
    16Power HungryWhite Zombie
    16StarfaceWhite Zombie
    16Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks And Cannibal GirlsWhite Zombie
    17GodslayerWhite Zombie
    17Warp AsylumWhite Zombie
    18I Am HellWhite Zombie

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