Gold in the Shadow (Deluxe Version)

    Gold in the Shadow (Deluxe Version)
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    • Gold in the Shadow (Deluxe Version)


    1The Tide Pulls From the MoonWilliam Fitzsimmons
    2Beautiful GirlWilliam Fitzsimmons
    3The Winter From Her LeavingWilliam Fitzsimmons
    4Fade and Then ReturnWilliam Fitzsimmons
    5PsychastheniaWilliam Fitzsimmons
    6Bird of Winter PreyWilliam Fitzsimmons
    7Let You Break (feat. Julia Stone)William Fitzsimmons
    8Wounded HeadWilliam Fitzsimmons
    9Tied To MeWilliam Fitzsimmons
    10What HoldWilliam Fitzsimmons
    11Bird of Winter Prey (Acoustic Version)William Fitzsimmons
    12Ever CouldWilliam Fitzsimmons
    13The Tide Pulls from the Moon (Acoustic Version)William Fitzsimmons
    14From the Water (Bonus Track)William Fitzsimmons
    15Blood and Bones (Bonus Track)William Fitzsimmons
    16Fade and Then Return (Acoustic Version)William Fitzsimmons
    17Psychasthenia (Acoustic Version)William Fitzsimmons
    18Tied to Me (Acoustic Version)William Fitzsimmons
    19By My SideWilliam Fitzsimmons
    20Gold in ShadowWilliam Fitzsimmons
    21Let You BreakWilliam Fitzsimmons
    22Beautiful Girl (Live from Acoustic Café)William Fitzsimmons
    23The Winter from Her Leaving (Live from Acoustic Café)William Fitzsimmons
    24Let You Break (Acoustic Version)William Fitzsimmons

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