American Radical Patriot
    • American Radical Patriot
    • Released in 2013
    • 141 Songs


    1Lost TrainWoody Guthrie
    1The End Of The WorldWoody Guthrie
    1The Origins Of The Song - ContinuedWoody Guthrie
    1Breathing In DustWoody Guthrie
    1IntroductionWoody Guthrie
    1The Girl In The Red, White, And BlueWoody Guthrie
    2Growing Up In OklahomaWoody Guthrie
    2So Long, It's Been Good To Know YaWoody Guthrie
    2Chain Around My LegWoody Guthrie
    2Dust Pneumonia BluesWoody Guthrie
    2Pastures Of PlentyWoody Guthrie
    2Labor For VictoryWoody Guthrie
    3The Railroad BluesWoody Guthrie
    3Dust Storms Devastate The FarmlandWoody Guthrie
    3Let's Sing Some BluesWoody Guthrie
    3Leaving The Dust BowlWoody Guthrie
    3Oregon TrailWoody Guthrie
    3Farmer-Labor TrainWoody Guthrie
    4More Talk Of Growing Up In OkemahWoody Guthrie
    4Talking Dust BowlWoody Guthrie
    4Nine Hundred MilesWoody Guthrie
    4California BluesWoody Guthrie
    4Roll On ColumbiaWoody Guthrie
    4Jazz In America #93Woody Guthrie
    5The Gang Of Kids Woody Hung Around WithWoody Guthrie
    5Migrants Arrive In CaliforniaWoody Guthrie
    5Worried Man BluesWoody Guthrie
    5Jimmie RodgersWoody Guthrie
    5New Found LandWoody Guthrie
    5Gitta Long, Mr. HitlerWoody Guthrie
    6Rye WhiskeyWoody Guthrie
    6Do Re MiWoody Guthrie
    6About The Worried Man BluesWoody Guthrie
    6Migrants Arriving In CaliforniaWoody Guthrie
    6Talking ColumbiaWoody Guthrie
    6Jazz In America #116Woody Guthrie
    7Some Old-time Square Dance TunesWoody Guthrie
    7Hard TimesWoody Guthrie
    7Lonesome ValleyWoody Guthrie
    7Do Re MiWoody Guthrie
    7Roll, Columbia, RollWoody Guthrie
    7Sally, Don't You GrieveWoody Guthrie
    8Old Joe ClarkWoody Guthrie
    8Songs About Hard TimesWoody Guthrie
    8Railroad BluesesWoody Guthrie
    8Refugees Pouring Into CaliforniaWoody Guthrie
    8Columbia's WatersWoody Guthrie
    8NarratorWoody Guthrie
    9Alan Lomax Asks For A TuneWoody Guthrie
    9Bring Back To Me My Blue-Eyed BoyWoody Guthrie
    9Walkin' Down That Railroad LineWoody Guthrie
    9Dust Bowl RefugeeWoody Guthrie
    9Ramblin' BluesWoody Guthrie
    9Dig A HoleWoody Guthrie
    10Beaumont RagWoody Guthrie
    10Songs About OutlawsWoody Guthrie
    10InterludeWoody Guthrie
    10California As One Of The 48 StatesWoody Guthrie
    10It Takes A Married Man To Sing A Worried SongWoody Guthrie
    10VD AvenueWoody Guthrie
    11Alan Asks For Another OneWoody Guthrie
    11Billy The KidWoody Guthrie
    11Goin' Down The Frisco LineWoody Guthrie
    11Will Rogers HighwayWoody Guthrie
    11Hard Travelin'Woody Guthrie
    11Intro 1Woody Guthrie
    12Green Valley WaltzWoody Guthrie
    12Billy The Kid And Pretty Boy FloydWoody Guthrie
    12Riding The RailsWoody Guthrie
    12The Flood That Took Over 100 LivesWoody Guthrie
    12The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever DoneWoody Guthrie
    12The Veedee BluesWoody Guthrie
    13The Troubles And Tragedies That Fractured Woody's Family In OkemahWoody Guthrie
    13Pretty Boy FloydWoody Guthrie
    13Going Down The RoadWoody Guthrie
    13Los Angeles New Year's FloodWoody Guthrie
    13Jackhammer BluesWoody Guthrie
    13Intro 2Woody Guthrie
    14Greenback DollarWoody Guthrie
    14Jesse JamesWoody Guthrie
    14Interlude 2Woody Guthrie
    14A Good HorseWoody Guthrie
    14Song Of The Coulee DamWoody Guthrie
    14Blessed And CurstWoody Guthrie
    15Lomax Asks About The Boll WeevilWoody Guthrie
    15Jesse James And His BoysWoody Guthrie
    15Seven Cent CottonWoody Guthrie
    15StewballWoody Guthrie
    15Grand Coulee DamWoody Guthrie
    15A Case Of VDWoody Guthrie
    16Boll WeevilWoody Guthrie
    16Takin' It From The Rich And Givin' It To The PoorWoody Guthrie
    16Wish I'd Stayed In The Wagon YardWoody Guthrie
    16Interlude 4Woody Guthrie
    16Washington Talkin' BluesWoody Guthrie
    16VD Seaman's LetterWoody Guthrie
    17Jailhouse SongsWoody Guthrie
    17Jesus ChristWoody Guthrie
    17Interlude 3Woody Guthrie
    17Stagger LeeWoody Guthrie
    17Ramblin' RoundWoody Guthrie
    17VD CityWoody Guthrie
    18The Midnight SpecialWoody Guthrie
    18Songs About BankersWoody Guthrie
    18Dust Bowl RefugeeWoody Guthrie
    18Interlude 5Woody Guthrie
    18Pastures Of PlentyWoody Guthrie
    18VD DayWoody Guthrie
    19When The Great Dust Storm StruckWoody Guthrie
    19The Jolly BankerWoody Guthrie
    19Contractors Duping The DesperateWoody Guthrie
    19One Dime BluesWoody Guthrie
    19End Of My LineWoody Guthrie
    19A Child Of VDWoody Guthrie
    20Another Song About The Depredations Of The BankersWoody Guthrie
    20The Dust Storm Of April 14, 1935Woody Guthrie
    20Interlude 6Woody Guthrie
    20The Sinking of the Reuben JamesWoody Guthrie
    20V.D. Gunner's BluesWoody Guthrie
    21I Ain't Got No HomeWoody Guthrie
    21Dust Storm DisasterWoody Guthrie
    21Git Along Little DogiesWoody Guthrie
    21Takin' It EayWoody Guthrie
    21Brooklyne TowneWoody Guthrie
    22Hundreds Of Thousands Made HomelessWoody Guthrie
    22Interlude 7Woody Guthrie
    22Reckless TalkWoody Guthrie
    22Narrator (The Lonesome Traveler - Radio Drama)Woody Guthrie
    23Dirty OverhaulsWoody Guthrie
    23The Trail To MexicoWoody Guthrie
    23The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done (From The Columbia Program)Woody Guthrie
    24The Story Of Mary FaganWoody Guthrie
    24Gypsy DavyWoody Guthrie
    24The Old Cracked Looking GlassWoody Guthrie
    25Mary FaganWoody Guthrie
    25Introducing An Old SongWoody Guthrie
    25Hard Times In The Durant JailWoody Guthrie
    26The Origins Of The SongWoody Guthrie
    26Hard Ain't It HardWoody Guthrie
    26Empty Boxcar, My HomeWoody Guthrie
    27The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done (Reprise)Woody Guthrie

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