A Coat Of Many Cupboards

A Coat Of Many Cupboards

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1Science Friction (CBS Demo)XTC
1Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!) (Live In Sydney)XTC
1Punch And Judy (Unused Single Recording)XTC
1Brainiac's Daughter (2001 Digital Remaster)The Dukes of Stratosphear
2Spinning Top (Live At Eric's Club)XTC
2Into The Atom Age/Hang On To The Night/Neon Shuffle (Medley) (Live In Sydney)XTC
2Fly On The Wall (2001 - Remaster)XTC
2Vanishing Girl (2001 Digital Remaster)The Dukes of Stratosphear
3Traffic Light Rock (Live At Eric's Club)XTC
3Life Begins At The Hop (Unused American Single Recording)XTC
3Yacht Dance (Live On 'The Old Grey Whistle Test')XTC
3Terrorism (Home Demo) (2002 Digital Remaster)XTC
4Radios In Motion (2001 - Remaster)XTC
4Reel By Reel (Unused Single Recording)XTC
4Jason and the Argonauts (2001 - Remaster)XTC
4Find The Fox (Home Demo) (2002 Digital Remaster)XTC
5Let's Have Fun ('White Music' Out-Take)XTC
5When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty (Unused Single Recording)XTC
5Love On A Farmboy's Wages (Home Demo)XTC
5Season Cycle (2001 - Remaster)XTC
6Fireball XL5/Fireball Dub ('White Music' Out-Take)XTC
6Helicopter (Unused Single Recording)XTC
6Wonderland (Home Demo)XTC
6The Troubles (Home Demo) (2002 Digital Remaster)XTC
7Heatwave MKII Deluxe ('White Music' Out-Take)XTC
7Towers Of London (Rejected Single Recording)XTC
7Ladybird (2001 - Remaster)XTC
7Mayor Of Simpleton (Early Work Cassette)XTC
8This Is Pop? (2002 Digital Remaster)XTC
8Generals And Majors (Rehearsal Tape)XTC
8All You Pretty Girls (Home Demo)XTC
8King For A Day (Home Demo)XTC
9Are You Receiving Me? (2001 - Remaster)XTC
9No Language In Our Lungs (2001 - Remaster)XTC
9Wake Up (Home Demo)XTC
9Chalkhills And Children (2001 - Remaster)XTC
10Things Fall To Bits ('Go 2' Out-Take)XTC
10Sgt Rock (Is Going to Help Me) (2001 - Remaster)XTC
10The Everyday Story Of Smalltown (2001 - Remaster)XTC
10The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (Early Demo)XTC
11Us Being Us ('Go 2' Out-Take)XTC
11Paper And Iron (Notes And Coins) (Live At The Lyceum)XTC
11Grass (Home Demo)XTC
11Omnibus (2001 - Remaster)XTC
12Life Begins At The Hop (First Rehearsal Extract)XTC
12Crowded Room (Live At The Lyceum)XTC
12Let's Make A Den (Home Demo) (2002 Digital Remaster)XTC
12The Disappointed (Home Demo)XTC
13Life Begins At The Hop (First Recording)XTC
13Senses Working Overtime (Early Work Tape)XTC
13The Meeting Place (Home Demo)XTC
13Bungalow (2001 - Remaster)XTC
14Making Plans For Nigel (Swindon Town Hall Demo)XTC
14Snowman (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon)XTC
14Dear God (Band Demo)XTC
14Didn't Hurt A Bit ('Nonsuch' Out-Take)XTC
15Ten Feet Tall (2001 - Remaster)XTC
15Ball And Chain (Unused Single Recording)XTC
15Books Are Burning (Live On 'The Late Show')XTC
16Sleepyheads ('Drums And Wires' Out-Take)XTC

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