Clue to Kalo

    Clue to Kalo

    • Clue to Kalo
    Clue to Kalo

    Clue to Kalo

    • Clue to Kalo

    Clue to Kalo

    Top Songs

    We'll Live Free (In NYC)Clue to Kalo
    User To A Carrier, By The SisterClue to Kalo
    It's Here The Story's Straight, By The PeersClue to Kalo
    The Infinite Orphan, By The FamiliarsClue to Kalo
    Still We Felt BulletproofClue to Kalo


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        The project of Adelaide, Australia's Mark Mitchell, Clue to Kalo began as glitchy laptop pop but evolved into a symphonic indie pop band. As a child, Mitchell pretended he was a recording artist, making up songs and cover artwork for fake albums, but didn't want to learn how to play an instrument. He channeled his imagination into writing -- and even pursued a Ph.D. in English -- but revisited making music when a high-school friend showed him computer multi-track recording. Mitc... Read more

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