The Sound Of Goodbye

The Sound Of Goodbye

Crystal Gayle

We kissed goodnight
And we turn out the light
And we lay side by side in the dark
And we're waiting for sleep or a spark

But the night's on the run
And the spark does not come
And we quietly worry and wonder
And the silence is louder than thunder
And it rings with the sound of goodbye

It rings with the sound of goodbye
I can't even tell you just why
It may be the truth or it may be a lie
But it sounds like the sound of goodbye

We can talk of the weather
We can talk of the news
We can talk of the talk of the town
There's another true love going down

We can talk about promises, talk about lies
But there's no use pointing our fingers
And the sound of 'I love you' still lingers
But it rings with the sound of goodbye


Time is forever
But love is a fire
And one day is one degree colder
And the clock's tickin' over your shoulder
And it ticks and it ticks, and it ticks and it ticks

[Chorus: x2]

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