Emmanuelle Haïm

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    Dixit Dominus, HWV 232: "De torrente in via bibet" (Sopranos I & II, chorus)Emmanuelle Haïm
    Dido and Aeneas, ACT 1: Scene: The Palast: Shake the Clouds from off your Brow (Belinda)Emmanuelle Haïm
    Dido and Aeneas, ACT 2, Scene 1:The Cave: Wayward sisters, you that fright (Sorceress)/Harm's our Delight (Chorus)Emmanuelle Haïm
    Dido and Aeneas, ACT 3, Scene 1: The Ships: Come away fellow Sailors (First Sailor-Chorus)Emmanuelle Haïm
    Dido and Aeneas, Act 3: "When I am laid in earth" (Dido)Emmanuelle Haïm


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        A sensational new figure on the Baroque music scene in the early 2000s, conductor Emmanuelle Ha+»m electrified audiences with her passionate interpretations of operatic and choral works. She has never studied conducting formally, and, like many other performers involved with older repertoire, she first came to early music only in adulthood. In her deep ancestry was a family of Breton organmakers, and her Hungarian stepfather passed time as friends with both Andras Schiff and Zol... Read more

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