lowFLOWs: The Columbia Anthology ('91-'93)
    • lowFLOWs: The Columbia Anthology ('91-'93)
    • Released in 2012
    • 45 Songs


    1Down with the BassfIREHOSE
    1Formal Introduction fIREHOSE
    2Up Finnegan's Ladder fIREHOSE
    2Blaze fIREHOSE
    3Can't Believe fIREHOSE
    3Herded into Pools fIREHOSE
    4Walking The Cow fIREHOSE
    4Witness fIREHOSE
    5Flyin' The Flannel fIREHOSE
    5Number Seven fIREHOSE
    6Epoxy For Example fIREHOSE
    6Powerful Hankerin' fIREHOSE
    7O'er the Town Of Pedro fIREHOSE
    7Rocket Sled/Fuel Tank fIREHOSE
    8Too Long fIREHOSE
    8Quicksand fIREHOSE
    9The First Cuss fIREHOSE
    9Disciples of the 3-Way fIREHOSE
    10Anti-Misogyny Maneuver fIREHOSE
    10More Famous Quotes fIREHOSE
    11Toolin' fIREHOSE
    11Sincerely fIREHOSE
    12Song For Dave Alvin fIREHOSE
    12Hell-Hole fIREHOSE
    13Tien An Man Dream Again fIREHOSE
    134.29.92 fIREHOSE
    14Lost Colors fIREHOSE
    14The Cliffs Thrown Down fIREHOSE
    15Towin' The Line fIREHOSE
    15Blaze (Instrumental Version)fIREHOSE
    16Losers, Boozers, & Heroes fIREHOSE
    16Witness (Mersh Again Edit)fIREHOSE
    17Max and Wells fIREHOSE
    174.29.92 (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    18Down With The Bass (Instrumental Version)fIREHOSE
    18Powerful Hankerin' (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    19The Red and the Black (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    19Tien An Man Dream Again (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    20Sophisticated Bitch (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    20Formal Introduction (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    21Revolution Pt. 2 (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    22Slack Motherfucker (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    23What Gets Heard (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    24Mannequin (Live Version)fIREHOSE
    25Makin' the Freeway (Live Version)fIREHOSE

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