Maurice Abravanel & Utah Symphony

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    Symphony No. 2 in C Minor: 1. Allegro maestoso (beginning)Maurice Abravanel & Utah Symphony
    Symphony No. 5 in C# Minor: 2. Stürmisch bewegt mit grösster VerhemenzMaurice Abravanel & Utah Symphony
    Symphony No. 7 in E Minor: 3. Scherzo. Schattenhaft. Fliessend, aber nicht schnellMaurice Abravanel & Utah Symphony
    Symphony No. 8 in Eb, "Symphony of a Thousand": I. Hymnus "Veni, Creator spiritus": Accende lumen sensibusMaurice Abravanel & Utah Symphony
    Symphony No. 4 in G: 1. Bedächtig. nicht eilenMaurice Abravanel & Utah Symphony


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        The state of Utah became a flourishing classical music scene thanks to the efforts of Maurice Abravanel, who served as music director of the Utah Symphony for 32 years starting in 1947. Although his peers might have looked at a posting in Utah as death in the boondocks, to Abravanel it was an opportunity to accomplish his dream of building up a permanent symphony orchestra of his own in a part of the world that was sorely lacking such a resource. Doing this meant turning down a ... Read more

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