Rick Parker & Li Daiguo

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    Make Way for the Mane of Spit and NailsRick Parker & Li Daiguo
    All-Purpose Remedy for Indescribable Emotional DiscomfortRick Parker & Li Daiguo
    Research Has Shown That Casting Spells Using Contemporary Social Media Is Just as Effective as Chanting over CauldronsRick Parker & Li Daiguo
    Posting Every 5 Minutes Can Teach You How to Be Yourself Without ActingRick Parker & Li Daiguo
    The City's Glory Was Defined Not Only by Every Citizen Wearing Silk Robes, Or by Their Seamless Melding of Modern Technology with the Human Body, But by the Compassion That Emanated from the Design of Their Matching StilettosRick Parker & Li Daiguo


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