Dance music duo Cazzette just released their delicious new EP, Desserts, and just like the dessert you eat, we already can't get enough of their new music. Their current single "Genius" may be your ear candy lately, but there are five more equally delightful tracks on the EP, including a collab with Serling Fox called "Dancing With Your Ghost," as well as a song with Swedish duo Newtimers called "Together." 

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In honor of Cazzette's new EP, we decided to actually give them some dessert! We got four different flavors of cupcakes, blindfolded the guys, and asked them to guess which flavor was which. We have to say, they did a pretty good job. And we learned that Seb has super taste buds.

Check out how Cazzette did with our Desserts Taste Test below! 


Carrot Cupcake


Alex: "I don't know, it's not for me. What is this? It's buttery."

Seb: "This is ginger, and cinnamon, I don't know what the top is. It's, I'll say vanilla. Cream cheese."  

We'll give this one to Seb because the Carrot Cupcake contains cinnamon batter. And it's topped with cream cheese frosting! 

Red Velvet Cupcake


Seb: "Chocolate. Milk chocolate. I can taste ginger again."

Alex: "White chocolate right?"

Almost! Cocoa powder is a key ingredient in Red Velvet cake. Which is why Seb guessed chocolate.

Classic Chocolate Cupcake


Seb: "Chocolate."

Alex: "Chocolate." 

YUP! The guys got this one right. Chocolate is an unmistakeable flavor. 🍫

Banana Nutella Cupcake


Seb: "This is impossible!

Alex: "It tastes a lot like vanilla for some reason." 

The guys had a tough time with this, but after some hints. Alex correctly guessed the flavor of the frosting: Nutella. But we give them an A for effort, because this was a tough flavor to guess!

We have to say, although both guys did a great job, Seb has some pretty amazing taste buds! 👌👏


Watch Cazzette's "Genius" music video below! 


Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio