(NEWSER) – Bad news for Donald Trump in Iowa, where Ted Cruz last week stole his polling thunder—registering a five-point lead among likely caucus goers—and is currently continuing to open up that spread in what a pollster calls a "big shakeup."

Cruz now has a 10-point lead in the latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll out Saturday night, polling at a hefty 31% in what the Register notes is "a 21 percentage-point leap that smashes records for upsurges in recent Iowa caucuses history."

Cruz's dizzying rise came fast: He was polling at just 10% in October. His success comes at the expense of Ben Carson, who topped the October poll at 28% in October, and has since seen his support plunge 15 points. Time is finally beginning to run out, with the caucuses seven weeks away, notes Politico.

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