GOP Presidential Candidates Take Part In CNN Town Hall In Milwaukee

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz says Donald Trump's campaign manager should resign after being charged with misdemeanor battery.  During a CNN town hall event in Wisconsin, Senator Cruz said campaign aides should not be physically assaulting news reporters. Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has denied claims by reporter Michelle Fields that he grabbed and bruised her at an event in Florida. 

Cruz again accused Trump of planting a "National Enquirer" story about Cruz' alleged extramarital affairs. Cruz also accused the media of giving Trump a couple of billion dollars worth of free media time.

Meantime, Cruz defended his proposal to get police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods around the U.S. He said the nation needs a commander-in-chief who is actually focused on keeping America safe.

Trump was the second candidate to take the stage. He said he will not fire Corey Lewandowski over a recent incident with a female reporter in Florida.

Trump said he has analyzed security videos and believes Corey Lewandowski did nothing wrong. Trump accused Fields of grabbing him and said he might consider pressing charges against her. 

Trump insisted that he "didn't start" an increasingly ugly dispute with rival Ted Cruz.

He also rejected a statement by CNN's Anderson Cooper that his claim is the "argument of a five-year old." Trump said he is the one presidential candidate who can solve the world's most serious problems, including terrorism. Wisconsin's presidential primary is set for next Tuesday.  

Ohio governor John Kasich was the final candidate to take the stage. He said would fire Donald Trump's campaign manager if Corey Lewandowski worked for him.  

John Kasich said he does not support the mass deportation of illegal immigrants. He said the idea mass deportation is ridiculous. He supports a guest worker program in which people here illegally can have a path to citizenship.  

Kasich criticized the negative tone of the Republican campaign and said he refuses to take the "low road to the highest office in the land." He described himself as a pragmatic conservative who can get things done. Meantime, Kasich slammed President Obama for staying in Cuba after last week's deadly terror attacks in Brussels. He said Obama should have cut the trip short and flown back to Washington.

Photo: Getty Images