iHeartRadio gave Ed Sheeran the keys to curate his very own Guest DJ station!

On his personal Guest DJ station, Ed chose the songs that he loves, a few songs that have inspired him, and his own songs -- which include his smash hit "A-Team" and songs off his latest album X

Speaking of X, on his Guest DJ radio station, Ed talked about his recent single "Thinking Out Loud." He said:

"'Thinking Out Loud' was written just after the album was finished. And the album was completely done, handed in, and I was kind of having a day off ... and then this song just kind of popped up. So I went to the studio the next day, and then added it." 

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All you Sheerios out there can really learn a lot about Sheeran's recent album by listening to his Guest DJ station on iHeartRadio. He explains that he actually based the original vibe of "Don't" off of 2Pac's iconic "California Love" -- which are both also included in his Guest DJ picks.

Among the songs he loves is Sam Smith's "Say With Me." He describes Sam's hit as one of the best songs of the year, and a personal favorite.

"It's one of these songs that is going to be around in 20 years time, and people are still going to be playing it, and crying to, and eating ice cream, and doing all of that."

Ed's Guest DJ'd station on iHeartRadio is genre-spanning and even includes a few hip-hop artists like 50 Cent. He says of the rapper's "In the Club":

"It's just a happy song. You can really put this on in any situation. Well, not really a funeral but ... actually if I ever die, I want this played at my funeral."

Knock on wood, Ed! 

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