Capital One and Uber
iHeartRadio Live Featuring Blink 182, Presented by Capital One + Uber
You could score exclusive access to tonight's private show presented by Capital One + Uber
Here's How
Still need to link your Quicksilver card? - Launch Uber App
Concert Details

This is only open to Quicksilver cardholders, so don't forget to link your card to your Uber account before requesting.

Tickets and rides are subject to availability of cars at the time a ride is requested. Not all riders who request a ride through the Silver Show view will be connected. Limited supply offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice.
In addition to the concert, every 10th ride is now free up to $15 when you pay with a Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne card through March 2017
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Uber app and Capital One Quicksilver card