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French producer/DJ Joachim Garraud has announced he is about to launch a brand new US label - Space Invader Music. The space invader himself says that although it's now 2013, he is launching the label because he really wants to "help the new generation of producer (sic) to make music," as well as have a platform release his own tracks.

What kind of sound can we expect from Space Invader Music? Well we hope you have your dancing shoes ready, because Garraud says it will be "100% dance floor music. This is really for people who love dancing." He goes on to say, "Space Invader Music is the music from space! Music of the future. It's, let's say, electro/techno."

Garraud explains that the talent on his new label will include new talent as well as already well-established talent, like Chris Willis, and Perry Farrell. The first release on his new label will be from Garraud himself, a track called "Maximus," featuring vocalist Sophie (aka A Girl & A Gun).

Joachim also reveals one dance music talent that he would love to have on his new label. Can you guess who it is? We'll give you a hint: His interests include making it rain with champagne, and cake (or throwing cakes anyway). 

Find out more about what Garraud had to say about the launch of his new Space Invader Music label:

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