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Are you ready to scream with Markus Schulz? The Unicorn Slayer and America's Best DJ announced in a teaser video, that he will travel all over North America on his "Scream" bus tour this spring, stopping at the country's best clubs and venues. 

He says, "This has been a particular dream of mine for quite a number of years: the American DJ tour done differently. Now it's locked and we're priming this to be
a unique experience... for you, me, all of us! I'm going to be coming round your way
this spring with something musically and visually very special indeed. I hope you're

Throughout his cross-country tour, Markus will be filming the journey for his travelogue and tour journal along the way, which can be followed on his YouTube page. Footage from the tour will be captured by a documentary crew and put together for a video release.

And if you see Markus' bus on the road, in true roadtrip fashion, he asks that you honk your horn to say "What's up!" He says, "Am I going to be getting behind the wheel of the Markus Schulz tour bus at some point? Damn straight. So if you're out there and you catch sight of my 'temporary tenement on wheels', don't be afraid to lean on your horn and say 'Hi'!"

Tour Dates: 

April 05 – Palladium at Castle, Chicago
April 06 – POP 2013 The Dream, Oakland
April 10 – Royale, Boston
April 11 – Soundgarden Hall, Philadelphia
April 12 – Rendezvous, Buffalo
April 13 – Echostage, Washington DC
April 16 – Phoenix Nightclub, Charlotte
April 17 – Anthem, Nashville
April 18 – Nightclub at Ameristar, St. Charles
April 19 – Lizard Lounge, Dallas
April 20 – Magnetic Music Festival, Atlanta
April 21 – Haven, Austin
April 24 – Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa
April 26 – The Church, Denver
April 27 – Expo Center, Albuquerque
May 08 – Fluxx Nightclub, San Diego
May 09 – Fluxx Nightclub, San Diego
May 10 – The Venue, Scottsdale