With dance music continually flourishing in America and around the globe, there have been quite a few new artists in the industry who have already started to make a name for themselves. They are quickly on their way to joining the ranks of the most well-known producers and DJs in the world (some are practically there already - we're looking at you Dillon Francis!), and lucky for us, MTV Clubland has pointed them out for us.

Clubland has named ten of these rising stars to keep an eye on this year. Many of them are very young (as young as only 17!), but still show incredible talent and are currently traveling the globe to cater to their loyal fans. Chances are, if you're a dance music fiend, you probably already know who some of them are: 



Danny Avila

Dillon Francis

Julian Jordan

Mat Zo

Kill the Noise

Otto Knows



2012 helped push a lot of these guys into the spotlight, leading 2013 to be a promising year for all of them. So keep your ears peeled and watch out for them this year!

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