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It's been three years since Whitney Houston passed away, and Jessie J payed tribute to the music legend by covering her hit "I Have Nothing" during a stop on her "Sweet Talker Tour" in London.

Before she performed the song, she said a few words about Whtiney, thanking her for being a support and inspiration:

"Ten years ago this year, I was 16-years-old and I auditioned for a girl band at the BRIT School. And the next song I'm going to sing is that song I sang at that very audition. Whitney Houston gave me the strength to believe in myself, she showed me it was OK to be loud, she showed me it was OK to really live inside of your voice, and 10 years on I'm so grateful for that very audition because it got me here today. So thank you Whitney Houston."

A fan's video showing the performance was removed due to copyright ... but trust us -- it was AMAZING.