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If you're weren't hungry before, you will be now. Laidback Luke (or shall we say Chef Laidback Luke?) has shared the video for his newly released track with Majestic, "Pogo." 

It's easy to see how this track got its name - it sounds exactly like jumping up and down on a pogo stick, which is also reflected in the video.

The video features all the foods that are bad for you but are hard to resist. While cooking up an electric storm whilst on top of a hamburger, models are frolicking with pizza, burgers, marshmallows, milkshakes, and every other delicious morsel of cuisine you can imagine. Clearly they were never taught not to play with their food!

"Pogo" is out on Beatport now, along with remixes from Chuckie, Congorock, Deorro, and H.P. Vince. 

Watch below: